What Is Dandruff And Treatments Available

What Is Dandruff And Treatments Available

what is dandruffDandruff is a general skin problem characterized by flakes on body parts that have hair follicles, especially the scalp. It can appear on the eyebrows, chest and even areas that have tiny hair follicles like the arms. Dandruff affects people across all ages and ethnicity. In infants, it is called cradle cap, and it always disappears within a short time . If you are wondering what is dandruff made of, you can use these symptoms of the condition to get understand it better:

* White flakes that hang on the hair, and are visible on the shoulders of dark clothes.
* Itchiness on the areas affected.
*Greasy scalp
*Scaly skin.


1. Dry dandruff (pityriasis simplex)
This is the most common type of dandruff. People suffering from dry dandruff have white flakes that peel off when the scalp is scratched. They also have an extremely dry scalp and hair that appears weak and breaks easily.

2. Greasy dandruff (Steatoid pityriasis)
This type of dandruff produces oily flakes that stick on the scalp and forms layer. Upon scratching, the flakes stick to the nails. In some cases, extreme dry dandruff results to greasy dandruff.

3. Dandruff caused by diseases:
There are scalp disorders that cause dandruff and dryness of the scalp. Such conditions include eczema and psoriasis and other scalp infections. For this type of dandruff, you have to address the disease for you to get rid of the flakes.

When people don’t really know what is dandruff, they usually think it’s medical emergency, but it’s not, it can cause embarrassment, especially when the flakes are very visible. It is also a very uncomfortable condition, since it causes itchiness and inflammation of the skin. Some people find that the itching and scratching affects their daily lives. It can also result in insomnia if it is not controlled and treated on time.

What is dandruff treatment?

Once you understand what is dandruff and how to get rid of it, you can use the many methods available to treat the condition. Some of them include:

* Natural remedies: Using natural ingredients such as cold pressed oils, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), aloe vera gel and many other available options.

*Using medicated shampoos: There are available shampoos that have ingredients such as salicylic acid which targets dandruff and other scalp infections.

*Practicing good hygiene: Some cases of dandruff are aggravated by poor hygiene and product buildup. Washing the hair regularly with the right products is an effective way of dealing with dandruff.
Note: You have to identify the type of dandruff you have so that you can get the right product to use. If your scalp is dry, you may want to cut down on using harsh products that contain alcohol and other drying agents.

*Boosting your diet: Having foods rich in vitamin B and omega 3 fatty acids can help in controlling and preventing dandruff. You can use supplements to increase your levels of these nutrients.

*Monitoring your stress level: Mental and emotional stress can cause dandruff. It is therefore very important that you monitor your stress levels and learn ways you can use to relax your body and prevent stress.

When you know what is dandruff caused by it is important that you address dandruff as soon as it appears so that it does not spread further. It is better to prevent the occurrence of dandruff so that you do not have to worry about treatment.

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